REPORTS module allows users to track various activities relating to sales, finance, marketing, inventory management, patient flows, and office operations. Different reports provide an overview of a clinic’s sales, conversions, and overall performance.

PREREQUISITES: 'view reports' and 'edit reports' permissions are required to work with Manage reports.

Run default reports

The list of default reports appears under respective categories on the left. 

Default reports and report categories cannot be edited or deleted; they can only be copied. Copied reports and categories can be customized by user.

To run an existing report:
1. Open the report category using 
2. Left click a chosen report
3. Verify the preview parameters on the right
4. Click SUBMIT

Filter your data by report date, regions, hubs, spokes, specialist, product type, invoice type etc. Depending on the report type, you will have a different set of filters.

NOTE: The date range is always based on the chosen report date. This means the report will process periods (week/month/quarter/year) that include the selected date.
Example: Report date = 22.12.2022 and Period = month. This means the report will show data for December 2022.

Export Options
Configure export settings (export mode, layout and appearance, etc.)

Customize reports

You can use default reports as customizable templates.

Creating custom reports
1. Copy one of the available reports
2. Click 
3. Choose EDIT
4. Redesign your report as needed using the right toolbar. In DESIGN MODE the following options are available:

These settings allow users to modify report data

These settings enable users to adjust the appearance of the report and its elements

These settings contain data source queries with the output fields and parameters

Report explorer
Allows for quick access to report elements

5. Switch from DESIGN to PREVIEW mode to verify your report

Creating custom report categories
In order to keep your reports organized, you can create additional report categories. To create a new category:
  1. Use  next to the REPORTS heading
Alternatively, you can COPY an existing category using  next to the category's name and customize it later.

View and print reports

Viewing and printing controls are available for all reports. Each report is paginated which allows users to check and print each page separately or work with the whole report at once.

First PageReturn to the first page
Previous PageReturn to the previous page
Page CountCheck which report page is shown
Next PageGo to the next page
Last PageGo to the last page
Toggle Multipage ModeSwitch between single-page and multiple-page views
Page Size ControlsAdjust the page size with Zoom in (+) or Zoom out (–). Alternatively, click on Page Width to adjust the size.
PrintSend to printer
Print PagePrint the current page
Export ToExport to a selected format: PDF, XLS, XLSX, RTF, DOCX, MHT, HTML, TEXT, CSV, IMAGE (PNG).
SearchSearch in the current report
Full ScreenSwitch to the full screen mode

More about specific reports in our E-learning course

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