Auditbase 6.6.0 Release Note

Auditbase 6.6.0 Release Note

We are committed to providing great care to our customers and therefore the changes implemented in the latest version of Auditbase (6.6.0) are based on your valued feedback.

We made two changes based on high-priority areas, these are: 

1. Complete overhaul of how Auditbase Administration is accessed and managed
2. Updated process for receiving Noah data and merging with existing patients 
3. Improvements in user views and setups in Administration 

1. Auditbase Administration Account Management 

In our ongoing dialogue with you, we've recognized the need for more nuanced access controls within Auditbase. The latest update brings a significant shift in how administrative access is managed:
  • Customizable Access Permissions: We've reengineered Auditbase Administration, enabling selective access rights. Now, trusted users can manage specific areas without needing full SYSADM privileges.
  • Enhanced Auditing Capabilities: Every change made in the administration is now traceable. This added layer of accountability ensures a transparent and secure environment.

Initially, the SYSADM account can be used to apply the ‘Elevated rights’ power to create New Users, Roles and be to able administer their rights. Any actions carried out with this account will be logged as the named Windows user.

Users with ‘Elevated rights’ will then log in as themselves and, after entering a further password for ‘Elevated rights’, have the ability to give other users the Roles which contain Extended User Rights allowing them to make changes to the various areas in Administration.  

The actions they perform on users, roles and rights will be added to the Security Log audit trail under their own Auditbase username.  

**Please note that you will no longer be able to log in to the front end of Auditbase with the SYSADM account. 

2. Updated Noah Import/Export

A standout feature of Auditbase 6.6.0 is its enhanced integration with Noah, addressing a long-standing need in patient data portability. 

If a patient has moved from another area or been seen by another provider it is now possible to import their Noah data from any other Noah database into Auditbase version 6.6.0 or higher.   Merging the Noah record. with an existing Auditbase record can take place upon importing. Automatic matching on demographics can be done on First name, Last name, DOB and Gender.  For this to occur, all 4 attribute fields must be filled and must match.

For matching on any criteria less than this, a list of 'Clients with match problems' will be generated. showing records for import where an issue is found that you must resolve.

3. User Views and Setups in Administration

This update allows you to apply Role-based view and setup changes to both existing and new members, ensuring consistency across all users.

Additionally, the previously cluttered settings page has been divided into four separate, logically organised pages for easier access and clarity.

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