Email Configuration -SMTP Authentication Error

Email Configuration -SMTP Authentication Error

MANAGE Company Email Configuration

It is possible to configure emailing from Manage to enable the following:
1. The emailing of certain documents to Patients
2. Enable customized integration points between another database and MANAGE
3. Email reports from the Report Scheduler.

If you are emailing from Outlook Office 365, and in O365 have a
2FA (two-factor authentication) enabled in the mailbox account, when that  mailbox account password is used in Config>Company Information>Email Configuration, an authentication error occurs as the system is waiting for the 2FA to be entered. 

Aurora does not have a 2FA option, the sending of the email will fail with an error similar to the message below:

You will need to create an App password for your O365 mailbox account and use that password in Aurora Email Config.

Follow the MS Office link below on how to do this.