Aurora - Emailing Documents & Notifications

Aurora - Emailing Documents & Notifications

Emailing Patients - If emailing is activated, when the Print button is selected for any document, it will prompt the user to Email or Print the document to PDF.


 Input the information as highlighted below.

 Check “Email Invoices to Patients”

Input an email subject

Input the link to the Content Template – see below for more info.


Input Message name e.g. Appointment Reminder > Type Email Message > then click on Details and attach the Email Content Template.

Email Content Template

We have set up a Content Template - email_invoices_template and email_appointment_notification  (attached) that can be used as a starting point for emailing customers. Take a copy of it before you begin.

It will look like this to the patient.  You will want to change this so that it uses your logo and your words in the body of the email.

(the <> <> automatically gets replaced by the Patient’s first and last name so leave it there). 

 Optional: If you want to embed a logo you must point to the location used for the logo used on your website – see instructions below. If you don’t have a website, skip the logo step below – but do change the wording to suit yourself. See the instruction below for saving.

 Once you have determined the location of your logo:

Right-click and Open the email template with Notepad.

You can change the logo by changing the first highlighted portion of the file in the image below to a logo that you have hosted on your webserver.

 The body of the email can be changed by changing the 2nd highlighted portions of the image below

The copyright at the bottom can be changed by changing the last option of the image.

When you save the file, be sure to make the name “email_invoices_template.html” and  “email_appointment_notification.html”.
Save it to a location of your choice on the webserver, then select it from there in CONFIG in the field “Email Content Template”.

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