Email Template and Company Email Configuration Instructions - MANAGE

Email Template and Company Email Configuration Instructions - MANAGE

With the assistance of your IT person to provide email account details, it is possible to configure emailing from Manage to enable the following:

  1. Email documents to Patients (but not to Funders)

  2. Email reports from the Report Scheduler to staff members

Email Content Template

Disclaimer: We offer the following instructions, in good faith that you will follow them to the letter; we know they work.  We hope you  understand that if you make any changes outside the instructions provided, we can't support those changes.  We are happy to help but if it takes us longer than 15 minutes to trouble-shoot with you, it will be billable.

For small users who do not have a marketing department, we have created two draft Content Templates. Please find them attached.

Download and save them, then take a copy.

If you use the templates as they are provided, they will look like this to the patient. 
You may want to change this so that it uses your logo and your words in the body of the email.

Important: The <> <> in the above document is automatically replaced by the Patient’s first and last name so do leave it there). 

Optional: If you want to embed a logo you must point to the location used for the logo used on your website. Obtain that information from your IT person, then see instructions below.
If you don’t have a website, skip the logo step below – but do change the wording to suit yourself. See the instruction below for saving.

 Once you have determined the location of your logo:

Right-click and Open the email template with Notepad.

  1. Change the logo by changing the first highlighted portion of the file in the image below to a logo that you have hosted on your web server. 
  2. The body of the email can be changed by changing the 2nd highlighted portions of the image below
  3. The copyright at the bottom can be changed by changing the last option of the image.
  1. When you save the file, be sure to make the name “email_invoices_template.html” and  “email_appointment_notification.html”.
  2. Save them to a location of your choice - and make a back up.

Company Emailing Configuration- Overview

In MANAGE, go to Configure System Settings and select the System tab. Open Company Information.

Find and open Email Configuration. You will need to ask your IT person for this information.

OUTGOING MAIL SERVER (SMTP) - Enter the outgoing mail server address.

OUTGOING MAIL SERVER PORT - Enter the outgoing mail server port.

USER NAME - Enter the email user name for the account being used to send emails from.

PASSWORD - Enter the password for the account being used to send emails from.

FROM EMAIL ADDRESS - Enter the "from" address to be used on outgoing emails.

EMAIL INVOICES TO PATIENTS - Indicate that you wish to activate the "email invoices to patients" option. When emailing Patient Documents is activated, when the Print button is selected for any document, it will prompt the user to Email or Print the document to PDF. 

  1. Note: Funder invoices cannot be emailed.
EMAIL SUBJECT  Enter the email subject line that will be used when sending emailed invoices to patients.
CONTENT TEMPLATE See below on how to create the templates. Once it is created you can upload it here.

Emailing Notification reminders

See here for information on Notifications.

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