Updating and changing 3FAHLs in Patient Information

Updating and changing 3FAHLs in Patient Information

  1. Patient Audiogram and Noah

    If an Audiogram is created and saved in Noah, it can be viewed from the Audiogram tab In Auditdata Manage. It will set the Hearing Loss Left/Right, update the 3FAHLs and their date in the Patient Additional tab.  The user will still have to update the Fitting Type manually. If a claim is created without this information, updating them AFTER the claim is created will not update the claim.

    3FAHLS will also auto-generate if an HSP Claim has been added with either a 600 or 800 HSP item with 3FAHL values entered.

    If the 3FAHL information in the patient's " ADDITIONAL INFORMATION" screen has a date that is newer than the last Audiogram, this is the 3FAHL information that will auto-populate on the HSP Claim.      
    In an existing claim, if the 3FAHLS on the patient have a newer date than those on the claim, the user will be prompted to update them.
    On Patient Information>Additional Information, if a Patient has a 3FAHL value with no date and you create a new claim the 3FAHL will not be added to the claim.  If you add a date on the existing 3FAHL prior to creating a claim, the 3FAHL will be added to the claim.
    To change the 3FAHLS on the patient, click on the icon at the end of the field.

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