Aurora - Replacement Discount

Aurora - Replacement Discount

New functionality has been added to the PRODUCT CATEGORIES set up that allows clinics to configure "Replacement Discounts".
This auto assigns a replacement discount when a sales document is flagged as a "Replacement."

Create a discount product in the Product Information.
In Config>Inventory>Product Categories,> select a product that you would apply a replacement discount.
In the 'Replacement Discount' field add the discount product and add a discount %.

With Replacement checked, try the below in a private invoice or HSP claim.


   __ Add a single HA item to an invoice for a category that gets the replacement discount and verify it is added to the claim as an accessory.

  __ Add multiple HA items to an invoice for a category that gets the replacement discount and verify it gets added to the claim as an accessory as a single line for the total discounts on the category.

  __ Add a non HA item for a category that gets a replacement discount and verify that it does not get a discount line.

  __ Add mixed invoice combinations and verify that it only gets the discount for HA items in the appropriate category.

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