Bridge - NOAH Data Import Requirements

Bridge - NOAH Data Import Requirements

The following instruction is valid for Manage users already having existing Manage patients
If you want your NOAH patients to be imported from NOAH System into Bridge, you need to ensure your NOAH data is meeting certain criteria. Otherwise, import might result in duplication of data or incorrect data. Requirements are the following:

1. NOAH data must be imported in .nhax format without encryption or password protection.
2. Your patients in NOAH System must have correct First Name, Last Name and Date of Birth.
Patients that do not have the Date of Birth will have year 1901 as their DOB after patient import in NOAH, and have to be manually reconciled in Manage
3. Patient names and Date of Birth in Manage and NOAH System must be identical for the same patient, otherwise patient records will be duplicated and need to be reconciled by you manually.
4. If required, manual reconciliation of records must be done by the customer in Manage under Utilities > NOAH Integration > Manual NHAX Reconciliation.
In case you prefer data merge to be handled by Auditdata, Customer Care can provide services on merging patients in the database as billable work.

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