Primus downloads and release notes

Primus downloads and release notes

Download the latest Primus software

Release notes

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    • File - Downloading Primus software

      To download the Primus software click here.
    • Primus firmware and software compatibility issue

      When Primus software version is 3.2 and Firmware is 2.6, Firmware will be updated automatically. When Primus software version is 2.6 and Firmware is 3.2, Firmware downgrade is required. Please follow these steps in order to downgrade Primus Firmware. ...
    • Hardware error displayed in Primus

      1. Run hardware diagnostic test Enable Hardware Diagnostic Test in Tools > Settings > General > Common   Start the test under Tools > Hardware Diagnostic Test Select the device (Measurement or Hearing Instrument), all needed parameters, and ...
    • How can I access support tools in Primus?

      Using Help in Primus you can get access to How To Videos - Providing step by step guides to install, use and customise Primus settings. Training videos can also be found here User Manual and Instructions for Use documents - these can be accessed ...
    • Primus does not recognize transducer - "Sound Booth Cable Connection" message

      IMPORTANT Please note that some transducers will only work with a Fitting unit that run with firmware version equal: or higher and Primus version 4.0 Check firmware procedure: 1. Please start the Audiometer software with the Fitting Unit ...