Technical Instructions for Use & User Manual - Primus

Technical Instructions for Use & User Manual - Primus

This document aims to provide instructions on setting up Primus and installing and configuring the Primus software. It also includes essential information on safety measures, maintenance, and calibration. The Fitting Unit is a general term combining PFU, PFU+, Primus Pro, Primus Ice, and 2000-1 FU hardware units. Please refer to the Abbreviations and Terms section for definitions of these units. Up to version 4.2, the software was released under the name of Primus. The release following Primus 4.2 acquires the name Measure and the version number 6.0. Depending on your purchased licenses, some modules described in this document might not be available in your software version. Please contact your distributor to get more information on the licenses.

This document is not intended to be a complete reference.
Please refer to the Help file for detailed information after installing the software.

User Manual and Instructions for Use in all languages: 

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