Exceeding User Licenses and Performance issue

Exceeding User Licenses and Performance issue

When the system hits the license limit you will notice that requests begin to queue up and performance will fall through the floor until users start to log off. 

We obviously cannot control how many users are logging into your system, and this does not include any licenses that are required to run background jobs such as EDI integration, so do take them into account.

You may also have an issue with users not logging out of the system correctly and tying up licenses or logging in on multiple PC’s but this is not anything we can assist with, it is a training issue. If a user logs in and then doesn’t log off correctly (for example if they just close their browser), the license will be tied up for a time until it is freed up (this is the inactivity timeout).

Active User Sessions screen.

From here you can export to excel and filter on unique users, one thing to note is if you see a user in the list more than 4 times they’ll be consuming additional licenses and if someone logs onto another computer they’ll start consuming an additional license.
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