Forms - Edit a pdf to have field tags - requires client to have Adobe Pro

Forms - Edit a pdf to have field tags - requires client to have Adobe Pro

In Aurora>Config>Patient>Forms an editable PDF may be uploaded. To edit the PDF with the required field titles requires Adobe Pro.
Notes: we are not experts and cannot support you in using Adobe Pro, we offer this at face value.
  1. Make a copy of the PDF and add something like “Editable” in the name somewhere 

  1. Open the new PDF and Select “Tools”  


  1. Once you’ve selected Tools, expand “Forms” and press “Edit” 


  1. Once in edit mode, it may ask if you wish for it to auto-detect fields, this is typically a good thing, you can re-name, edit and remove any fields you dislike. The form should appear like this 


  1. You can right-click any fields to edit them 

  1. You can right-click anywhere in the document and it gives you a list of options you can add (Text Field, Check Box, Radio Button, etc.) 

  1. In this instance, I clicked on Properties>General and changed the Name to include the field tag. 


  1. Once you are satisfied with the fields, you need to select “Close from Editing”  


  1. Now you should save the PDF 

  1. Once you have saved, select the following: 

  1. File 

  1. Save As Other… 

  1. Reader Extended PDF 

  1. Enable More Tools (includes form fill-in & save)… 

  1. Accept the warning and save the file with something like “Fillable” somewhere in the title 

  1. Now you can upload the file to the SH environment and link the fields with the proper data tags.

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