Onboarding Financials Changeover Planning for Existing organisations. Allow enough time to train and support staff, say 1-3 days around Go Live

Onboarding Financials Changeover Planning for Existing organisations. Allow enough time to train and support staff, say 1-3 days around Go Live

Going live with new software in your existing business is a very busy time. We recommend that you allow enough free time around the Go Live date to prepare financials, and to train and support your staff. 

We will have already had detailed discussions with you and prepared a roadmap; this article is a reminder of the key points, often forgotten in the many details required around Go Live.

Go Live Time Line

Proposed timeline for customers with up to 5 end users: Allow 2 days before Go Live for staff training by your trainer, and 1/2 or 1 day on day of Go Live for your trainer to support your staff with questions. Your trainer will require 1-2 days training prior to this.

Key Points

You will stop using the existing application at about 2 or 3pm the day before Go live and advise us so we can obtain a full copy of your data.
Be prepared to work manually from that point forward.   - any information will be loaded into Manage the next day eg notes, clinical notes and so on. We will be uploading the data so can't have users changing it at the same time. We will advise the exact time after we complete our time and motion study on how long the backup process takes.


First task on Day 1? Load the day’s appointments in Manage, and perhaps tomorrow's as well.

Open documents

Second / concurrent task? Load into MANAGE as "Quotes" any outstanding Repairs or Sales Orders [and for Australia load the claims not sent to HSP; they will be sent to HSP from Manage].  The reason for adding them as Quotes at this practice stage is because it is easy to delete quotes; invoices cannot be deleted if you make mistakes on them, they can only be emptied of data.

Open Document payments and upfront deposits

If there is a past payment on any Sales documents (including unsent claims in Australia), add it in the window on the Deposits field in the Quote Document, using the original payment date and payment method. If integrating with Xero, Quick Books (Reckon in Australia) is this payment in the accounting system? Can it be removed so we can send it over again? If not, enter these payments first then advise us so we can run the daily close prior to the integration.
Please don’t enter any new payments after Go Live until all the quote claims with payments are in Manage; we want to mark those payments from pre-go live as exported so they don't hit Xero.  This is a go live task that should be prioritized first thing - don't forget to call us!

Purchase Orders

Load any open stock Orders if Orders are in use. If they are hearing aids, they can be added from the Patient. If stock, they can be added from SALES>ORDERS without any patient details.

Accounts Receivable Balances

If you have a small number of customers owing you money (say up to 20 or 30) we will show you how to add them into Manage so they don't hit your general ledger. If you have more than that we can import them for you.  If you can prepare them ahead of time for example write off any bad debts before the change over that will be of benefit to you.  If you are integrating Manage with an accounting package, any payments received the day before Go Live should be entered in MANAGE  because they won't hit your bank account until the day of Go Live.
Please provide a detailed list in Excel of the final customer balances as at the day before Go Live.

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