Hardware error displayed in Primus

Hardware error displayed in Primus

1. Run hardware diagnostic test

  1. Enable Hardware Diagnostic Test in Tools > Settings > General > Common


  1. Start the test under Tools > Hardware Diagnostic Test

  1. Select the device (Measurement or Hearing Instrument), all needed parameters, and press Start test

  1. If the test result is OK, you see the status Passed. If the test fails, you see the status Please check

You must unplug all transducers to run the test, otherwise you will receive an error message
Primus Hardware Diagnostic Test won’t run if the unit is not shown as connected in the software

2. Do hardware reset

  1. Disconnect all cords and transducers from the Primus board. Disconnect Power Supply

  1. Find a small hole on the backside of the Primus board

  1. Insert a pin and wait until it clicks lightly

  1. Hold the pin for two seconds and then connect the Power Supply without removing the pin

  1. Wait until Primus blinks

  1. Remove the pin but not the Power Supply. Primus will reset

3. Send log files to Support 

If none of the solutions works, locate the Primus log files under C:\ProgramData\Real Ear\Primus: 

  1. Hardware: HWCommands.log 

  1. Software: log-file.xml  


Send the files to the Primus support team for further troubleshooting.

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