How to use Barcode scanner in Strato?

How to use Barcode scanner in Strato?

You can now use a barcode scanner to read the HI serial numbers in Strato.  Please refer to the description in the following chapters to get information about barcode formats and configuration. We have verified the functionality by using the CipherLab 1500 Barcode Scanner in its default configuration. 

To start using the barcode scanner to read the HI serial numbers in Strato, first enable it through the Tools -> Configuration -> Articles -> Stock settings. When you select the option “Enable automatic barcode handling”, you can test your scanner by reading the barcode on the Hearing Instrument package. A serial number of the hearing instrument should appear under the Barcode scanner test field (as shown on the image below).

Now navigate to the Stock Item EXPLORE tab and click to add a New Stock Item. Fill the main data and then scan as many barcodes as you want. The corresponding serial numbers will appear under the Serial Numbers section – and the quantity will automatically be increased for each new scan. 

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