Aurora - HSP Compliance Survey Questions

Aurora - HSP Compliance Survey Questions

Contracted Service Provider Notice

Use of Cloud Services for storage of client records  (CSPN - 202014)

The HSP Compliance survey is for clients currently using cloud services for the storage of client records.

See below questions on the survey and the Aurora software provider answer:

What is the name of the specific cloud service being used? (e.g. Microsoft Azure, Office 365)?

Microsoft Azure

Is the specific cloud service being used a Platform as a Service (PaaS) or Software as a Service (SaaS)?

If PaaS What assurances do you have that the cloud platform service being used as well as the system installed on the platform is secure and configured appropriately?


If SaaS What assurances do you have that the cloud software service you are using is secure and configured appropriately? 

Microsoft Azure platform is certified for the storage of sensitive information, see attached Microsoft Azure - ACSC Protected Certification Letter

Does your agreement with your cloud services provider state that the records will be hosted on an Australian server, will not be disclosed outside Australia, and will be encrypted to at least the equivalent of Official with a Dissemination Limiting Marker (DLM) of Sensitive?  
All records are hosted within the Australian Microsoft Azure datacentre, see attached  Microsoft Azure UDLM Certification Letter

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