HSP configuration

HSP configuration

HSP configuration module provides integration with Australian Government Hearing Services Program. It enables Manage users to prepare claims for the HSP portal and import claims processed by HSP.


On this tab, you can specify whether your company is:
  1. Exempt from income tax
  2. A registered GST payer

HSP contracts

Here you can view a list of HSP contracts. Priority ordering is available for the following columns: Name, Start date, End date. Based on a contract's status, a contract can be:
  1. Active
  2. Expired
  3. Next  (takes effect after the active contract expires)
Add a contract
Employ any of the following options:
  1. IMPORT control. Use a .JSON file provided by Auditdata support.
  2. +CONTRACT control. In CREATE mode, add the name and validity period. In EDIT mode, configure the details.
  3. Hover over an existing contract, click  and choose COPY.
Edit a contract
In EDIT mode, you can access/modify HSP contract settings contained within the following tabs:
  1. General - contract name and validity period
  2. Services - available hearing services
  3. Categories  - included  product categories
  4. Rules - rules by which HSP invoices are validated. They are shown to users as warnings or reminders. If the user creates an invoice ignoring the conditions of the rule, the HSP claim would be invalid.
  5. Maintenance settings are used to configure all maintenance-related processes:
    1. General - 'HSP plan' and 'Top up plan' details (cost, total amount and GST).
    2. Expirations - maintenance services that should be included in the HSP claim to trigger the auto update rule. On import of the approved claims for these services, the B&M plan expiration date will automatically be updated in the PATIENT profile.
Services, categories, and rules will be added automatically when you import a contract.