VOID an HSP Claim in Aurora / Manage

VOID an HSP Claim in Aurora / Manage

- only possible if daily close is run, and if claim is not sent to HSP [Australia only] or Rejected Claims

Void Claims

The VOID option is only available on claims that have been exported in the daily reconciliation process (Daily Close) but have not been sent to HSP or Rejected.

         Voiding creates a mirror image claim to undo the original. It cannot be edited.  Both of these are removed from the Patient record but can still be accessed from HSP CLAIMS on the SALES menu.

·         Voiding creates a new 3rd claim which can be seen on the Patient record and can be edited as required. [The mirror image claim # will be the number before the original claim #]

To void the claim go to SALES, open the claim and click the VOID Icon. This can also be done when opening the document from PATIENT INFORMATION or from SALES>RETURN INVOICES.

Click the VOID Icon and when prompted click VOID this HSP Claim.

The new claim will appear on the screen allowing the user to edit requirement information including unticking boxes, removing accessories. 

 Payment on Original Voided Claim

If the original claim has been partly funded by the client and a payment has been made the void will:

·         Reverse the payment on the mirror image using the original method of payment, and add the same amount on the new claim.

·         The original, the reversal, and the new claim will all have a Payment Ref#  “VoidClaim”.

·         The Daily Close will not record any payment, because the negative on the reversal and the positive on the new claim cancel each other out.

Void Claim Payment Refund

If you are refunding the Patient, uncheck all details and remove accessories from the Claim, the patient balance will show a negative amount.

Add a 2nd line under the Payment Amount, add the date of the refund, Payment method and the refunded amount. Patient balance should reflect $0.00
The amount will default based on the original payment transferred from the original claim.

The Daily Close will only record the refund, because the original and the reversal cancel each other out. It will look something like this:



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