Onboarding Go Live - Data Conversions & Due Diligence Testing

Onboarding Go Live - Data Conversions & Due Diligence Testing

This article  explains what to expect with a data conversion, and how to do your due diligence testing once the data is in your training environment.

Overview of Data Conversion

Our standard import covers the following:
  1. Patients,
  2. Doctors and their provider #s,
  3. Patient Notes without images [If notes and reports have embedded images, it is extra to prepare those for import.]
  4. Patient Recalls and Reasons,
  5. HA History, [ For Australia HSP History].
  6. We cannot import invoices or other documents.
As part of the project, you may like to give some thought as to how you enter unusual or unique information, or how you use your existing system if it is not always standard.  If data mapping is required to eradicate unwanted information, or introduce unique information, that will need to be quoted as part of the data conversion project prior to its commencement. For example, if you have multiple appointment reasons that you no longer require, you will need to provide us with a data map from old to new, or if there are duplicate customers with different spellings that is also extra and will need to be mapped.

An extra billable conversion available is for Appointments. To be cost-effective is generally taken up by existing business who have more than, say, 100 future dated appointments. For your consideration, Appointments in MANAGE require a Specialist and a Location, and there cannot be duplicate appointment for the same slot for specialists so a tidy up of data in your existing system is beneficial when under-taking such a conversion.


We allow a few weeks between importing the data into Training for you to do your due diligence on the data integrity, after which we do the final preparation on the scripts in preparation for import into Production so it is important to build time into pre-project tasks such as due diligence.

Training - Test and compare the Patient data conversion details

Once the data has been imported to your training system, it is essential to complete a thorough check of the data in your old system, compared to that in the new, particularly to unusual or unique information recording in your old system (now referred to as YourApp.

To find a patient in MANAGE, from the menu list on the left select PATIENT, then PATIENT INFORMATION.  Cards on the left side of the patient record contain various information types. Check each of them for hints as to what you are looking for.

Compare 10 patients (or more) to Patients in your old application to ensure accuracy.
Check a mix of patient types eg Private, Government, Insured, Workplace Injuries and so on, if applicable for your country.

See below on how to report to us. [There is an Excel spreadsheet attached that outlines the Fitting Wizard fields and the associated fields in Manage]. It could also be manipulated for other databases if required.

Your aim is to find missing data, if any, especially government ID numbers, Patient Health Funds/Insurers, Notes, DOB and so on.

Check all of these in a variety of patient types:

·         Names

·         Date of Birth

·         Address Details

·         Gender

·         Funding Numbers - Private Health Funds

·         Insurers (on Funder Tab)

·         Clinician (Specialist)

·         Phone number - and default settings - eg if only a mobile #, make sure it is set as the default - leading zeros on mobile numbers

·         Last Client Review Date

·         Date of first Visit (additional tab - is that relevant?

·         Last Fitting Date Left/Right?

·         Notes will come in under the Notes icon

·         Referrals? - if you want to make this field mandatory do you want to import all existing as "Existing"? [To do this, go to Configure System Settings, then select the  System tab.  Go to Document Parameters and in the bottom right go to Mandatory fields. Select Patient Referral as mandatory]

·         Hearing Aid history (History>Competitive Aids)

                  ·        Reports will be imported as attachments if possible (Enterprise/Large only)
                  ·        Recalls -  If there are reasons in YourApp, in Manage we will try to use "keywords" to map long notes to a referral.  In MANAGE check the Recall, then check the notes if it was a long one in YourApp.

Australia only - in the  Patient click the icon beside the Medicare field to see the following:

·         Medicare Requesting doctor(s)

·         Medicare Referral Date

·         Medicare Referring Doctor

Test Results Reporting:

If missing data is found, please report the Patient number and last name only (for privacy). A spreadsheet is ideal for this with headings such as MGE Patient Number YR-APP Patient Number MGE Field Results
YR-APP Field Results and so on.
MANAGE Patient # 123; In YourApp Patient # 625 Smith [be wary about breaches of patient privacy that is emailed to us]:

            ·   Missing govt voucher. Voucher # in YourApp is "xxxxxx"; Missing expiry date

            ·   Missing Note that starts with "Saw this patient on 1/5 etc etc" in YourApp does not exist in MGE – provide a good selection of the note

            ·   DOB is missing in MGE, is 12/12/1927 in YourApp

Data Conversions for Large/Enterprise only

·        Attachments - extra billable time if these are required, depending upon the number of attachments. These depend on the attachments being names so that the patient can be easily identified. 

                  ·       Appointments - extra billable time if required.   Once imported, check them carefully. Look for duplicates, missing clinicians/specialists, incorrect duration, incorrect locations, incorrect or missing appointment reason and so on. It only includes appointments with a specialist and a Location.  Duplicate appointments with no specialist cannot be imported. This would require data cleansing, and can be quoted after investigation of the issues..