Patient pays Quote deposit in a different Location to the Quote Location

Patient pays Quote deposit in a different Location to the Quote Location

If a Patient pays a Deposit on a Quote in a different Location to the Quote location, they can’t enter it on the Quote itself because it will display in the wrong location during the daily close. Nor can they enter that deposit in Receive Payments – the document isn’t an invoice yet. This is how you can do it:

  • Add a second Quote for the deposit-paid location, don't add any products. This will display it in the correct location in the DC.
  • Put a note on it cross-referencing to the original quote #, and add a deposit. [Put the original quote# in the Ref # - or as much of it as you can fit].
  • When the first Quote is converted to an invoice, open the "Deposit only" Quote and add a negative payment to it - use X-APPLY or similar as the payment method. User must inform the original location know because it will display in their DC.
  • Add the same amount onto the HA Invoice – of course it will be in their location as well during the DC1, but the 2 DC’s will net each other back to $0
  • It is preferable that both locations do their DC1 on the same day. The dates will match anyway so the trx to the financials will be the same - eventually. The bank reconciliation will be out until both are done.


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