Manage 9.2.0 Release Notes - December 18th, 2023

Public Release Notes - Manage 9.2.0

About this release

December 18th, 2023
Welcome to the latest update of Manage, version 9.2.0, where we're excited to introduce a range of new features and usability enhancements designed to streamline your workflow and expand your integration capabilities.

1. Key Feature Highlights

  1. New Integration Capabilities: Extend your reach with our enhanced public API, seamless data exchange with Zapier, and innovative Engage/Listo integration for lead generation.
  2. Enhanced Usability: Experience improved navigation and more intuitive interfaces across the platform.
  3. Resolved Issues: We've tackled and resolved 20 key issues to ensure a smoother experience.

2. What's new?

Noah Bridge Offline Mode:
Work uninterrupted without internet connectivity using the Noah Bridge module. Quickly synchronize your data with the online database when you hop back online.

PDF Template Support in Documents:
Import and create dynamic PDF templates with ease.

Extended Public API:
Fetch detailed appointment reasons and patient custom fields.

Ipad Hearing Screener Integration with Auditdata Engage:
Generate patient leads directly from our hearing screener, Engage

  1. Streamline appointment creation and changes with Google and Outlook. With a few simple steps, you can easily transfer appointments from Manage to Outlook and Gmail and add them to your calendar.
  2. Send SMS reminders effortlessly using Twilio. Schedule appointment notifications and personalize communication with your clients.
Enhanced Patient Management:
  1. Record multiple addresses per patient for comprehensive contact details.
  2. Specify billing addresses for clear and accurate invoicing.
  3. New appointment summary tab for a consolidated view of patient appointments.
  4. Updated GP and practice details for quick reference on patient cards.
Dynamic Attributes in Product Catalog:
Add and manage dynamic attributes seamlessly.

HIMSA Standard Compliance:
Easily import HIMSA-compliant product catalogs.

Appointment Labeling in Scheduler:
Customize appointments with unique labels.

New Default Settings:
Get started quickly with editable default configurations.  Learn how to set up with our new online e-learning course: This course is tailored for administrative users of Manage, focusing on mastering navigation across various settings related to your company and environment:

Expanded Specialist Data Fields:
Include essential details like titles and NPI numbers.

Patient Titles: 
You have to manually turn on all the available titles if no titles are presented in patient creating/editing. You have to go here: environment settings -> Patient -> titles.

3. Improvements

Clinical Data Selection: Choose from ASHA-defined hearing loss values.

Enhanced Patient Letter Templates: Improved generation, saving, and opening of PDF templates.

Online Booking API Update: Enhanced with additional patient information.

NOAH NHAX Import Improvements: More robust data validation.

Pathway Module Enhancements: Introduce new inbound referral steps.

UI Overhaul on Patient Card: Improved fonts, colors, and layout for a better user experience.

Advanced Practitioner and Practice Data Management: Edit and update information with greater ease.

Configurable Mandatory Fields: Tailor patient attribute settings to your needs.

Administrator Tools Enhancement: More control over product catalogs and dictionaries.

4. New E-learning Courses: 

Every journey begins with a kick-off meeting, a tailored demo session setting the stage for what's ahead. Enjoy complimentary access to our E-Learning courses. Whether seeking essential remote guidance or in-depth advanced training, we've curated various remote programs to meet your needs. For those seeking a bespoke touch, our customized in-person training awaits, ensuring you derive maximum value. As you grow, we would like to consider our certification programs and the option to customize or transfer E-Learning modules, embodying our commitment to your continuous growth.

Getting Started with Auditdata Manage
Company and Environment Settings
Patient Management
Appointment Scheduler
Noah in Manage
Billing and Finance
Inventory and Stock
Notifications and Engagement
Documentation and audit trail

5. Issues solved

Clinical: Audiogram time zone issues.

Document templates: Images in letter templates do not appear in the editor.

Inventory and serial number: Adding Serial Number at Sale using the +SN button does not generate a new stock item.

Inventory: Returning S/N to stock – the S/N is not returned to stock management for some products.

Patient sale and value services: "0" value services cannot be added to Patient Sale.

Patient sales and discounts: Adding a 100% discount causes errors and makes it impossible to continue. Affects all UK clients.

Patient sale and serial numbers:  Can't add SN to sales that had a Quote without SN created. Serial numbers can be added to the Quote and then can not be retrieved later if the Quote is rejected.

Patient and countries: Countries are not sorted in alphabetical order on the Patient Card.

Patient and Journal:  Error on Journal during data migration.

Patient History and Audit trail: History and Audit Trail issues when shifting from Daylight Saving Time to Standard Time.

Patient and home numbers: Home numbers with 11 digits can't be entered into M9 after the +Country is added, the system is cutting off the last digit of the number.

Patient and landline: Landline numbers with '-' are not imported with NOAH import.

Patient and order management: The patient information pop-up is not showing in Order Management.

Patient and NHAX: Patients with a Home Number populated in the NHAX file do not have a Home Number populated in Manage.

Patient emails and Noah import: Some emails are incorrect after NOAH import and need to be deleted manually and re-typed in, possibly hiding invalid characters.

Permissions: Inconsistency for archived patients' permissions.

Reports: Some reports did not populate all the data.

Scheduler: Recurring appointment time zone issue.

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