Public Release Notes - Manage 9.2.1

Public Release Notes - Manage 9.2.1

About this release 

February 14th, 2024
We are pleased to announce the release of Manage 9.2.1, which includes several new features and bug fixes to enhance user experience and improve system performance. This update focuses on expanding functionality around location and third-party payer information alongside critical bug resolutions across various system components. Below is a summary of the latest enhancements and corrections.


    1. Enhanced Location and Patient Card Customization

    • Add 'State' Field to Address: Users can now enter and update the 'State' field on the Patient Card, allowing for more accurate patient address information.
    • Add 'State' Field on Location: The 'State' field has been added to the Location settings within the Environment options, facilitating better location identification.
    • Add 'County' Field on Location: In addition to the 'State' field, a 'County' field is now available on Location in Environment settings, offering further detail for location management.

    2. Third-Party Payer Information Expansion

    1. Enhanced 3rd Party Payer Setup: Three new fields have been introduced to the 3rd party payer setup screen, including State/Province, Contact Person, and Phone Number. This update allows for more comprehensive information to be stored and managed for third-party payers.

    3. Comprehensive HSP Module Enhancements

    1. HSP Export Claims File Upload Error: Resolved an error that prevented successful data loading during HSP Export Claims file uploads to the HSP Portal.
    2. Error on HSP Product Selection Page: Eliminated an error when opening the HSP product selection page, enhancing system stability.
    3. HSP Export Claims File Upload Error: Resolved an error that prevented successful data loading during HSP Export Claims file uploads to the HSP Portal.

    4. Improvement in Sales Reports

    1. Incorrect Currency Symbol on Sales Report: Fixed an issue where the incorrect currency symbol was displayed on the sales report for the Australian environment.
    2. Report Currency: Implemented additional fixes for currency and date format in reports.

    5. Streamlined Patient Management

    1. Journal Timestamps: Corrected timestamps in journal entries, improving data accuracy and reliability.
    2. Import .nhax into Manage: Fixed missing Title, Gender, and Email fields on import, ensuring complete data transfer.
    3. Appstract API Integration Issue: Fixed an issue with the Appstract API where the GET Timeslots method returned incorrect free slot information.
    4. VAT Configuration: Addressed an issue where VAT was not configurable on the UK environment

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