Manage 9.3.0 Release Notes - April 12th, 2024

Public Release Notes - Manage 9.3.0

About this release

April 5th, 2024
Introducing Manage version 9.3.0 brings a number of exciting new features and usability enhancements. Experience a whole new level of inventory management, streamline lead processing and allocation, and maximize the value of your appointments with an informative summary page. It will be released to all Manage environments on Friday, April 12th. 

1. Key Feature Highlights

  1. Appointment summary: gain comprehensive insights into Patient appointments with a consolidated view of clinical data on one page.
  2. Lead allocation: get a fast overview and assign leads to specialists as needed.
  3. Task management: stay on top of your tasks and appointments with a new dashboard tailored for efficient workflow management.
  4. Inventory handling: optimize your stock management with additional attributes for precise inventory tracking and processing.
  5. Resolved Issues: We have successfully addressed and resolved several key issues to further enhance your user experience.

2. What's new?


  1. Split sales commissions: Employee commissions can now be distributed and adjusted based on user role permissions, guaranteeing that only individuals with a valid practitioner number are correctly accounted for on the invoice.

  1. Guarantee invoice accuracyA new setting has been added to the environment settings preventing users from editing the serial number before the invoice is generated. When this setting is enabled, users cannot include the serial number in the item until the invoice has been created.

  2. Ensure correct HSP claim exporting: A new restriction has been implemented in the environment settings, preventing the creation of claims if an HSP Voucher was created less than 48 hours ago.

  3. 'Already Claimed' rule: The HSP 'Already Claimed' rule is designed to prevent individuals from claiming certain items more than once in their lifetime, helping to distribute resources equitably among all participants.


  1. Avoid serial number duplication: Avoid errors with validation alerts for duplicate serial numbers.

  2. Improve stock management: Expand product details by assigning additional attributes to products configurable in the Environment settings.


  1. Instantly view key tasks and appointments for the day: Make the most of the new dashboard, ensuring your team has a structured and clear outline of their schedule to manage their responsibilities effectively.


  1. Enhance patient workflows: Users can now include tasks as workflow activities, as the Tasks module has been integrated into the Workflow module.


  1. Define Specialist QP number per every assigned location: Ensure that each assigned location has the appropriate specialist set up with a unique QP number for identification purposes. By using this identification system, you can streamline operations and ensure that the right specialist is assigned to the right location.


  1. View all appointment details from a single page: Easily access important clinical information for appointments by customizing the Appointment Summary page. Review patient-related notes, documents, workflows, and clinical data.

  2. Get a quick overview of all leads in the system:  Efficiently manage leads by utilizing the new lead page to gain a comprehensive overview of all patient leads, use search filters to quickly locate specific leads, and promptly assign leads to designated specialists.


  1. Manage practices and GPs efficiently: Easily upload General Practitioners (GPs) and Practices from the site or by importing a CSV file. You also have the option to manually create, update, or delete them as needed. This feature allows for efficient management of your healthcare professionals and facilities.

3. Improvements

Company settings: Users will be able to search for the required role within the user roles grid by name or description.

Patient: Enhancements to patient search now allow for searching by partial phone number of the contact person.
Patient: Users can open a patient details page assigned to a task.
Patient: Users are able to store information about the initial user, location and assigned specialist lead outcome.
Patient: New fields are available on the patient letter configuration.

Tasks: The tasks page now has a default view and filters for better organization and navigation.
Tasks: Access control based on location has been implemented in the Task service.

Scheduler: Improved security measures with special permissions to edit and manage appointments.
Workflows: The 'Appointment reason' attribute has been added to workflows to identify which specific workflow can be utilized with particular appointment reasons.

Inventory: Serial number displayed on the order.
Inventory: Ability to import HIMSA product catalog.

4. Issues solved

Location: Users can now specify the county and state for each location and set up the appropriate location configuration.
Location: The addition of the state field in the address section of the patient screen aims to enhance data migration and provide more detailed information.
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