Aurora / Manage - Return Invoice (Private)

Aurora / Manage - Return Invoice (Private)

Navigate to Sales > Return Invoice

Select Invoice Type “Sales Invoice” to completely return all items on the private invoice.

Click CONTINUE to accept and return this invoice. Next, confirm the reversal.  After confirmation, a message will present you with a new "reversal document" number.

Returning an invoice creates a new invoice with the original products/services reversed.

Credit Reasons are active so during this process you will be prompted to select the reason you are doing the Return.

Select and click “Continue”. The return process with end and you will be presented with a screen displaying the new Credit Invoice. Press Enter to view the details, then Continue to the Totals screens.

If there was a Funded amount on the original invoice, ensure that it is accurately reversed (with a -$ amount)

·         Click OK to mark it as complete and leave the balance on the credit invoice outstanding OR

·         Click the search option on the Invoice Totals Payment details and:

o    If you are refunding the patient, use the correct refund Payment Method eg EFTPOS

o    If you a transferring the original payment to a new invoice, select the payment method X-APPLY. 

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