Session Locked? Did you use the Exit icon to close a function, or sign out correctly?

Session Locked? Did you use the Exit icon to close a function, or sign out correctly?

One of the most common support calls is about locked or dropped sessions. It is nearly always caused by incorrectly exiting programs. As a rule of thumb, if the Exit icon exists, use it. Please regularly remind your whole team. Closing the Auditdata browser tab without logging out doesn't release your user license.
Here is the detail:

Don’t click the X on the tab to close a Function

When in a function always use the   icon to Exit.   Don’t use any of the Firefox, Tab or Auditdata Manage “X” buttons, they don’t release a license and in the worst case scenario, you may lose data.

Signing Out

It is important to use the   button  to exit Aurora. It can be found under your profile in the top right hand side. EnsureAs long as there are no open functions you will immediately exit the software. If there are open function windows you will be prompted to close them first.

Active User Sessions

Depending upon the configuration, Users can clear their own or other user's dropped sessions by clicking on the Active User Sessions function in the User Profile icon, under Environments:

Once the locked function is highlighted, the Delete icon will become active.

The Maximum Sessions # for all users for all users is configured by Auditdata in SH Parameters so that all users are allowed 4 open functions, and also set up globally to allow them to Terminate their own Sessions.

System Administrators Configuration:

Change the setting for your User in CONFIGURE SYSTEM SETTINGS>SYSTEM>APPLICATION USER. Click on Session Restrictions. . System administrators should be set up like this with “ALL” selected.
This ensures that the grey box at the end of the User ID in Active User sessions is is searchable, as shown above.

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