MANAGE Mobile App Implementation

MANAGE Mobile App Implementation

Mobile App

Auditdata MANAGE has an iPhone and an Android app that allows users to view their schedules. If your user has been given permission in MANAGE, you will be able to view, edit appointments from your phone

To implement the Mobile app on the phone:

From the iStore, search for Simply Hearing Mobile; click on “Free” then on Download

For Android, search Google Play. Android version must be 3.0 or higher.

Access on your phone

Auditdata will have provided you with the necessary information to access the app on your phone.

Open the App on your mobile phone

Click on Server Settings

You will be prompted for the Server details and protocol.

Server Details – URL sent via email

Turn on HTTPS by clicking the button to green.


After MANAGE has been configured by your mobile phone (see below) you will be able to Log-in screen by entering your MANAGE User ID, and the password assigned in the Mobile Device Access window in:-
Config>System>Application User