Getting started with Strato

Getting started with Strato

Learn about how to get started:
  1. System requirements 
  2. Strato installation procedure
  3. Explore the daily tasks of 
    1. Creating Offices
    2. Adding Users
    3. Managing Appointment types
    4. Creating Referral Sources
    5. Creating a New Client
    6. Adding Activities
    7. Adding Appointments

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    • How to use KPI reports in Strato?

      KPI reports in Strato are created to help customers operate and work with the data in a better way. Currently there are 5 available KPI reports. They are for free and visible for all the Auditdata clients: Appointments during the last 12 months; ...
    • How to adjust week shift in Strato Calendar?

      Problem: Strato Calendar is shifted and the week number is shown incorrectly (1 week late).  Solution: To fix this, go to Tools -> Configuration -> Scheduler Settings and make sure that Start on Jan 1 is selected in First week of the year dropdown: ...
    • Strato application is not fully visible on the screen

      The problem is related to PC screen settings. Please see below how an example of how Strato window is cut-off. Strato requires screen scale and layout to be set at 100% To do so, please, go to Windows Settings - System - Display - Change the size of ...