Support and Troubleshooting Information

Support and Troubleshooting Information

Support Overview

We support your Key Users. To log a support call, email . To call support  call +61 [0]2 66 855 300.

The aim is to document the issue well enough to enable us to replicate the steps taken to create the issue.  Doing so will promote efficient resolution times.

The email should  include Patient/Document details and snips of screens and/or warning messages, and steps taken to replicate and attempts to resolve it. [Note: Try Windows Snip or Greenshot]

Privacy Note: Do not include identifying Patient data such as last Name and DOB/address etc.. That is a security breach of a patient's privacy.

Browser Notes

Don't forget to turn off your pop-up blocker.


Logging in – warning that another session is active

If you log in and get a warning that there is an active user session running, don’t continue, find the previously opened tab and use that one.

If you can’t find it, it’s probably a dropped session (did you click one of those little X’s in the top right?). If so go back to the new tab and click the “Clear” button to reset it.

This does not mean that the original session license is released; it is not.

Don’t click the X on the tab to close a Function

When in a function always use the   icon to Exit.   Don’t use any of the Firefox, Tab or Auditdata Manage “X” buttons, they don’t release a license and in the worst case scenario, you may lose data.

Signing Out

It is important to use the   button  to exit Aurora. It can be found under your profile in the top right hand side. EnsureAs long as there are no open functions you will immediately exit the software. If there are open function windows you will be prompted to close them first.

Active User Sessions

Depending upon the configuration, Users can clear their own or other user's dropped sessions by clicking on the Active User Sessions function on the Main Menu:

Once the locked function is highlighted, the Delete icon will become active.

Configuration: Change the setting for your User in CONFIGURE SYSTEM SETTINGS>SYSTEM>APPLICATION USER. Click on Session Restrictions. Ensure that Maximum Session # [for all users] is 4 and set your Terminate Sessions to “ALL” or OWN. ALL ensures that the grey box at the end of the User ID is is searchable.

Failed to Acquire License warning

This occurs for a number of reasons, including:

·         User does not "sign out", they just close the browser

·         User uses the X on a tab to close a function, they don't "Exit" using the icon for that function

·         User opens too many tabs (and doesn't close them with "Exit")

·         Network interruption causes AUR to drop, but doesn't release the license.

There is no other reason for it to occur unless you have too many users trying to log in at the same time.

Inactivity Time Out

The timeout default in Auditdata Manage is 90 mins. If you open a function, then leave it inactive for 90 minutes, all open functions will time out and Auditdata Manage  will return to the main Dashboard screen.

Session Closed Your session is no longer available.

We have found that this error message usually shows up when multiple tabs are opened almost simultaneously while one of the tabs content hasn't been fully loaded. The end users could be advised to open more tabs only after the previous tab has been loaded. Occasionally it could also be because one user is accessing/running a function while another has a relevant document or function opened, causing an interruption to the first user. (Running reports, creating batches and so on).

System Performance - Slow

If a network performance issue is impacting Auditdata Manage, causing it to take at least 20 seconds to open some functions; with other users reporting that they are being logged out mid-session, check the following:

·         Is it happening to all users? If not, run a speed test at the source clinic

·         From clicking on the function until it opens, counting “one-one second, two-one second, three-one second” and so on and record how long it takes to open.

·         Is it the same for you, can you reproduce it?

Other causes could be that your local computer is downloading updates; or someone else on the network is taking a lot of bandwidth; or someone is running a large report, so it slows down for the length of time it takes to do the filtering/find the results.

Ask your IT manager to check the event logs for usage across all PC's/Locations during that timeframe - not just for Auditdata Manage but for all usage.

If all that fails, let Auditdata know via an email to or a phone call if it is across the network/system down.