How to customize a Test Flow in Listo

Customize a Test Flow

Whenever required, you can make quick adjustments to your Test Flow. However, note that all changes have to be published. 
To modify a Test Flow, you need to access Auditdata Cloud > Screener > Administration 

1. In the left-side Navigation Pane, select the Test Flows tab to display the list of available Test flows
2. Find the Test Flow you want to change
3. To start editing, click the icon . To discard changes, employ .

NOTE: if a flow is unpublished or contains any unpublished changes, an Alert ( ) icon will be displayed.

4. The edit icon ( ) will take you to the Test Flow configuration page where you can make all required changes. To start editing, click Edit.

5. The Flow will come into  Edit mode with a number of new setup options appearing:
  1. Edit test flow: use it to change the flow's name, screensaver and margins
  2. Discard any changes that should not be in the published flow
  3. If the flow is finalized, you can use the Publish option
  4. The Add page setting can only be used if a flow contains less than 8 pages
  5. You can also modify ( ), delete ( ) or change the order ( ) of the Test Flow pages

6. Click Edit ( ) to be able to change the page settings. In the Edit window that opens you can modify:
  1. The Name of the page
  2. Page Description
  3. The background image
  4. Page text or header text
  5. Button captions for pages that have buttons
  6. Add or replace a video file for Video pages
  7. Page content margins

All pages have different settings that can be changed. To learn more, refer to article: Types of Test Flow Pages.

7. To be able to see your updates, open the Listo app on your iPad
  1. An Alert notification will show that the changes have been made
  2. Tap the Alert icon to download the update
The update will contain all published changes to existing Test Flows as well as any new Test Flows that have been published in the Auditdata Cloud.

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