How to set up and get started with Auditdata Engage

Set up and get started

Cloud Administration System allows for Listo application setup and management. With a number of configuration options, you can adapt Listo to your current needs.

To start administering your app:
Log into Auditdata Cloud > click Screener > select Administration

All Administration tasks in the Cloud are grouped under the following tabs:
  1. Offices
  2. Test Flows
  3. Resources
  4. Styles
  5. Settings
  6. Translation
  7. Email Templates
  8. Email Resources


The Offices tab enables you to automatically import offices from Aurora. To get the list of available offices, employ the SYCNHRONIZE option:


The Test Flows tab can be used for building and customizing Test Flows for hearing assessment.
  1. To add a new Test Flow, click the ADD FLOW button.
  2. To upload a new Test Flow, click UPLOAD FLOW and drop files into the box.
  3. To export, add pages or delete an existing Flow, make use of the respective controls on the right.


You can add customized background images to all of your pages, whereas video files are restricted to Video and Result pages. For more information, refer to Types of Test Flow Pages

Thumbnail previews are available for all uploaded images. clicking a thumbnail opens an enlarged image view.

The Resources tab represents a content folder for images and videos that can be used when building or modifying Test Flow pages. 
  1. Use UPLOAD to place images and videos in the Resources repository.
  2. Optionally, delete irrelevant resources or download selected media files to your computer.


To ensure good quality of background images and video playback, follow the guidelines below.

Background Image
Supported formats
.jpg, .jpeg, .png
.mp4, .mov 
Recommended size
500 KB
10 MB

Recommended resolution
1536 x 2048 pixels
4:3 ratio (~264 p pi density)
640 x 480 pixels
(30 fps frame rate)
not applicable
2.5 Mbps


The Styles tab makes it possible to set defaults for your Listo app Test Flows. For example, you can specify a background image, text font, size and color, response button color, page title font size, etc.

Defaults are automatically applied to the added Test Flow pages unless you decide to make your own customizations.

To configure a default:
  1. Enter relevant values in the provided field and then click Save at the bottom of the page.


The Settings tab includes security-related functionality:
  1. Setup password
  2. Noise correction password
  3. Domains blacklist (usage of blacklisted emails is not allowed in Listo)


The Translation tab makes it possible to set customized names for the default tabs:
  1. Months
  2. Password
  3. Update
  4. Noise Level
  5. Setup Application
  6. Error



The Email Templates Tab is a content folder for templates that can be used to create a generic format for your email letters. To add a template, use the corresponding button. To modify or delete, employ controls on the right.

When adding a template, you can specify the template's name, provide a description and subject text to make it more distinguishable and easy to find. All available template settings can be adjusted in the built-in editor.

When you are finished creating or changing your template, click Save at the bottom of the page. If required, you can optionally TEST your template before use.


The Email Resources tab is a content folder for images and videos that can be used when building or modifying Email Templates. Thumbnail previews for all uploaded images will be shown in the list. Clicking a thumbnail opens a larger view.

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