How to run a test in Listo

Run Hearing Tests

Having created a Test Flow in the Auditdata Cloud, you can start using the Listo app to conduct hearing assessment for your clients. To do so: 

1. Tap the Listo icon to open the app

2. On the Setup Application page, select the following:
  1. Office
  2. Transducer
  3. Test Flow
  4. Noise Level

3. To change the settings in the Listo app, tap the invisible button in the upper right corner. You will need a password to proceed.

There are two types of passwords:
  1. Setup settings password
  2. Noise correction password
Use any of the above to either change the whole application setup, or apply a different noise level to the selected Test Flow.
Both passwords are configured in the Auditdata Cloud. For more information, go to Set Up and Get Started > Settings

4. Once you are done with configuration, you can use the selected Test Flow for hearing assessment.
Depending on the Test Flow settings, you will go through 3 to 8 pages. Below is a sample Test Flow. The Test Flow you will be using might have a slightly different structure.

5. Follow the steps of the Test Flow you have chosen.

The Welcome page: regardless of the settings, you will always see this page. Just tap the button to continue.

The Client Birthdate page is optional and its placement is not fixed. This page may come right after the Welcome page or somewhere in the middle of the flow.

The –°lient Data page is also optional.
  1. If it appears in the flow, complete the required personal information fields and, if needed, select Privacy and/or Marketing statement opt-in(s) to continue.
  2. When all the required information is provided, the Continue button becomes active and one may carry on with the test.

In this example, the Video page serves the purpose of familiarizing the clients with the hearing test instructions. It may be used for a different reason.

The Text page is optional and may be configured to contain any other information relevant to the person taking the test.

The Measurement page is where the hearing level is tested.

The Result page will contain a graph with the plotted hearing threshold values for the right and the left ears. Optionally, it may have a video explaining the results or contain any further instructions.

Clients need to tap the button to either finish the test or continue if the appointment booking option is included in the flow. 

The Online Booking page can also be added to help the client arrange a meeting after the test.

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