A Quickstart Guide to using Listo

Listo User Guide

Learn how to:
  1. Set up and get started
  2. Create a Test Flow
  3. Customize a Test Flow
  4. Types of Test Flow pages
  5. Run Hearing Tests
  6. Get Reports from the Cloud

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    • Run Hearing Tests

      Having created a Test Flow in the Auditdata Cloud, you can start using the Listo app to conduct hearing assessment for your clients. To do so:  1. Tap the Listo icon to open the app 2. On the Setup Application page, select the following: Office ...
    • Create a Test Flow

      Despite having some default Test Flows, you may need to create a Test Flow that is tailored to a specific use case. Since all Listo Test Flows are managed from the Cloud Administration System, you need to: 1. Log into Auditdata Cloud > click Screener ...
    • Get Reports from the Cloud

      You can look up and download Listo usage and customer data reports from your Auditdata Cloud. Prerequisites: permissions are required to view Listo reports. As a user, you may have either of the following:  permission to view all report types ...
    • Set up and get started

      Cloud Administration System allows for Listo application setup and management. With a number of configuration options, you can adapt Listo to your current needs. To start administering your app: Log into Auditdata Cloud > click Screener > select ...
    • Customize a Test Flow

      Whenever required, you can make quick adjustments to your Test Flow. However, note that all changes have to be published.  To modify a Test Flow, you need to access Auditdata Cloud > Screener > Administration  1. In the left-side Navigation Pane, ...